NFTY Finance Proposal

Hi Dao Members,

We are about to release our NFT-Fi platform for borrowing and lending NFTs on testnet in a few weeks.

We use a peer-to-peer model via what we call “liquidity shops” that create customizable experiences for both the lender and borrower.

As fingerprints dao, you can give loans by opening a liquidity shop and allowing your members to borrow without selling the nfts, as well as listing the nfts you both support and own.
I would love to share more details and our pitch deck.

Hi Shakan - I’m happy to learn more if you want to share your pitch deck or set up a call.

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Our pitch deck is here; NFTY Finance - General

Here’s my calendly for easier scheduling. Looking forward to connecting, and let me know if any of the times for scheduling don’t work for you.