Creating a DAO treasury dashboard for FingerprintsDAO | Partnership with The PASS

Dear Fingerprints DAO team,

This is Saya from ThePASS team! We’ve noticed that you guys are building a fantastic NFT community and has already built a great NFT collection in the vault. We wanna propose to offer a free dashboard for the DAO to display the DAO treasury including the FT and NFT assets. What we can help with the DAO :point_down:

1.Check out DAO’s Social Aggregations
2.Explore how many FT+NFT assets Fingerprints is owning
3.What’s the evaluation of the DAO Treasury (FT+NFT)
4.Transparent DAO Treasury history tracking (FT+NFT)

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Jenny MetaverseDAO, Foreverlands, Metaguild, MAODAO, etc.



Pls let me know if you guys are interested and we would love to dive in!


Hi @Saya_Lin ! I’d love to have a look. You can reach out to me via DM here in our forum!

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Thx Lucas! have dm you!