Compensation Budget for September 2021

Notion document link.

Main Challenges of the Month

  • set up a data warehouse for financial analysis (finance)
  • set up internal tooling (governance/int-relations)
    • forum (discourse)
    • task management (notion)
    • coordinape
    • orbit
  • come up with good KPIs for each area (governance)
  • improve internal communications / newsletter (int-relations)
  • compensation debut (governance)
  • multi-sig vault reform (governance)
  • come up with new projects that will expand the DAO and generate proceeds (projects)
  • discuss project specific compensation (projects/governance)
  • new logo/marketing material (marketing & design)


In light of these priorities, the proposed total compensation for each area for September are as follows:

  • governance (1 ETH)
  • finance (2 ETH)
  • curation (3 ETH)
  • internal relations (2 ETH)
  • external relations (1 ETH)
  • marketing & design (1 ETH)
  • projects (ad hoc per project, TBD)

Total Compensation Budget: 10 ETH

These amounts are to be distributed according to coordinape compensation voting, to be held in the first week after the end of the month. For this month in particular, there will be no performance tranche due to the pending KPI discussion and analytics infrastructure.

  • I approve.
  • I disapprove. (Please elaborate on comments)

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There’s some description for each of these tasks exception curation if I’m reading this correctly. Could we elaborate a little more on the curation payments? Is that for the curation team hosting ongoing meetings and discussions of new art for the DAO to acquire?

Fair question. A certain amount of labour on the curatorial side is discussing/researching work. Other work to be done includes refining and articulating our acquisitions strategy; developing robust protocols for acquiring/deaccessioning art; producing content about DAO artists; leading the curatorial aspect of lab projects; communicating decisions and feedback to the rest of the DAO. There’s also a considerable amount of work going on off-Discord regarding seeds of projects that, if they were to advance, would enter the central orbit of the DAO. These aren’t just acquisitions-based; they involve in some instances working with artists, in others figuring out the best ways to educate people about our collection and smart contract art generally. In certain cases these have been initiated by members who are not Discord native. But, as I say, if they were to go anywhere, everyone would have a say.