Periodic curation committee shareouts

I was reading the compensation budget thread this morning and @samspike comment helped me understand all the work the curation board does on an ongoing basis to acquire great works for the collection. This made me wish I could browse a history of curation board discussions to learn from our experts and better appreciate our collection.

I don’t want to create unnecessary work for the committee, but I’d love a way to learn more about what the curation board considered and how they arrived at decisions to acquire or not acquire pieces for the collection. This would help each of us individually improve as collectors but more importantly would help the DAO establish shared language around collecting.

A few formats for this:

  • Publish a retro
  • Host an AMM
  • Create a new private discord channel for each active period and make public to members the discord channel for the prior period

This could happen on a time-consistent basis (e.g. quarterly) or on an event-triggered basis (e.g. after every acquisition).

Curious for peoples’ thoughts! I totally get needing to operate in private leading up to acquisitions but I think there are big gains for the DAO if we can find a way to make use of all the amazing work leading up to those acquisitions after the fact.


I really like this idea.

Making it public what we analyzed and sharing the insights on how the decisions were made will help us both align on the curatorial vision and make things more transparent.


Great idea, tony! Learning tool + transparency.

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I think an open call in our Discord after a certain acquisition is made explaining the rationale would be nice! Then someone active in internal communications could write a summary of the call and publish in our discourse. :slight_smile:

We could begin by having one about the recent SALT and Rhea Myers’ acquisitions! I would love to hear about those as the artworks seem very interesting and hard to understand also.


Yes, it is a great idea. That will improve process, cohesion and understanding both inside and outside fingerprints

I like this too. One thing I would like to get rolling once the committee expands is a monthly (?) report detailing projects considered, decision rationale, and which members voted Y/N/absent. That way there is full transparency about what’s going on and everyone knows what we’ve discussed.


think we will need someone form the curation board to organize this.

this would be perfect!

Would absolutely love this. Personally I’d prefer something written (and concise!) as takes a lot less time to absorb than a call/recording.


Just wondering if there’s a timeline to get these up and running?

We’ll be doing it soon but we’ve only had the expanded committee set-up for like a week so it probably won’t be until the end of the month.


Sounds good, thanks for the update!