Block Explorer Social Feed for FingerprintsDAO

Hey Fingerprints DAO,

My team is working to build a new kind of block explorer - one that makes understanding what is happening on-chain easy to understand and combining it with community engagement. I have included a screenshot of our prototype.

Our ask is to see if your DAO would be interested in a feed specifically for your DAO’s activities. Whether that is treasury activity, collecting new pieces of art, supporting other artists or anything else that occurs on-chain, we can display everything in a feed real-time and have your community engage with it.

Please let us know if your team would be interested in working together to build this out!

I’m not sure I quite understand the product, can you elaborate more please?

Hey fren

It looks like an interesting idea. But I don’t see the screenshot you mentioned, can you upload it again?

@Klamt.eth and @renatoshira - I’ve added the screenshot! Thanks for pointing that out.

Hi @mikexhuang !

We’re already working on building similar functionality into our website, can your solution be embedded?

That is something we’ve been actively looking at. Would you be able to show us what you’re building towards?

It would be just a simple “news” page that can be updated by staff members on demand.

Ours is more of a real-time feed that creates itself as on-chain events happen. We’ll also be adding the functionality for people to add their own content on top of those events.

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Hi everyone,

Is this still of interest for your DAO? We’d love to understand better what value we can provide for the community.

Bumping this again since we have a demo linked here.