Art Basel 2021 Plan Proposal


Art Basel Miami 2021 is expected to return strong as Covid-19 has settled a bit in Miami. The official exhibition runs from December 2 through 4, and will host hundreds of artists and prominent international galleries to showcase some of the greatest new works the contemporary art scene has to offer. There is a VIP experience that goes from November 30 to December 1. Fingerprints hopes to make a presence at Basel with the following goals in mind:

  • To educate and inspire curious minds on the possibilities of digital art
  • Provide a platform for Fingerprints members and artists (Harm will be present) to showcase their work on and off the DAO
  • To build relationships with organizations and individual contributors that believe in the long term future of creating cultural value in the digital space

Why do this?

Art Basel is one of the premier traditional art fairs in the world. Art Basel has spent the last 50 years redefining what an art fair means, and what an art fair can be. Beyond a marketplace for the well-heeled, a magnet for celebrities, a hotbed for lavish parties and fertile ground for people watching, Art Basel has become a cultural incubator for some of the most radical and iconic events in the history of contemporary art. This year, in collaboration with Art Basel, Fingerprints is given a unique opportunity to begin bridging the gap between traditional art enthusiasts and those who believe in the long term cultural value of digital art. Creating a platform for digital exhibition will have a pivotal impact on the relationship between organizations and individual contributors that believe in the long term future of creating cultural value in the digital space, while providing Fingerprints members and artists to showcase their work on and off the DAO.

Our Collection

FingerprintsDAO’s treasury has an estimated NFT collection worth 13,000 ETH or $60,000,000. Alongside over 250 galleries from 36 countries showcasing works by 4,000 artists, Fingerprints will exhibit select works from a collection spanning the earliest dated NFTs, roughly 100 total, with other ERC-20 tokens. This includes some of the largest collections of Autoglyph by LarvaLabs, Digital Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility by Mitchell F. Chan, Token Equals Text by Rhea Myers, Mutant Seeder Garden by Harm van den Dorpel, DEAFBEEF, Bitchcoin by Sarah Meyohas, and SALT by Figure31, 0xmons, and JPG.

In order to achieve and potentially exceed these goals, we are requesting a maximum budget of 12.5 ETH. Some of the opportunities below are still to be confirmed and might not realize. Should this happen, that particular budget will not be needed. This budget will be used to support the following initiates:

Art Blocks x ArtXCode Event - Co-Sponsorship

  • ArtXCode together with Art Blocks and other sponsors are building a Basel long experience that includes:
    • VIP dinner/mixer
    • Open exhibition to the public
    • Auction
    • Panel discussions
  • Presence for Fingerprints:
    • Invites to the VIP dinner/mixer
    • Brand presence as a sponsor on printed material
    • Artist and/or member participation within panel discussions
    • Opportunities to hand out merch
  • Why should we do this?
    • Aligns across all three goals laid out above
    • Similar to Marfa, Tx I believe our core audience and community will be present and it’s important to show support, while building brand relevance and equity
  • Requirements:
    • Logo delivering for printed materials
    • Speaker options for panels
  • Cost: 3 ETH

Surface Magazine Panel Discussion + Content

  • Date (tentative): 12/1 afternoon
  • Surface Magazine will have a dedicate space during Basel where we will be able to host a panel and Surface will create and publish content. The opportunity includes:
    • Surface will produce a panel discussion
    • Surface to secure talent and mutually agree on Design Dialogue topics with partner
    • Panel to be moderated by a Surface editor or a special guest, featuring leading creatives in their respective fields
    • Deep dive editorial coverage on Design Dialogue to deliver dynamic storytelling and maximize engagement
    • Design Dialogue to be permanently featured on and all digital channels
    • Editorial curation for Design Dialogue video distributed across Surface channels
    • All photo and video assets are available for Fingerprints to use
    • Pre-event coverage on all surface channels (instagram,, Surface Design Dispatch Newsletter)
    • Surface to handle Invite list creation and curation with collaboration from Fingerprints Dao Team
    • Post event coverage on all surface channels (instagram,, Surface Design Dispatch Newsletter)
    • Install one work to complement discussion
  • Presence for Fingerprints:
    • Artist and/or member to lead the panel discussion
    • Brand presence and story mentioned pre and post event
    • Original editorial, photo and video assets
  • Why should we do this?
    • This event accomplishes all three goals laid out above
    • Original Fingerprints content developed by Surface Magazine that we can also leverage on our channels
  • Requirements:
    • Logo delivering for printed materials
    • Speaker options for panel
    • Select work to exhibit
  • Cost: 5 ETH

Azzi+Co 3-Month PR Partnership

  • Dates: December - February
  • In an effort to amplify our narrative across traditional and non-traditional art outlets, we would like to hire Azzi+Co to communicate our story and build our network beyond the crypto space. This partnership would start in December and end in February and would include:
    • Craft brand messaging framework and communicate Fingerprint’s message effectively, to build rapport with prospects
    • Educate, elevate and proactively introduce press and key opinion leaders to the world of Fingerprints to ensure core brand values and messages are well understood
    • Invite key editors from a variety of media outlets, including magazines, blogs, and online publications - based on their reach and the characteristics of their audience
    • Example publications:
      • Business publications: Forbes, Economist, Vogue Business, Business Insider, Newsweek, TIME Magazine, Financial Times, Business Wire, CoinDesk, CoinCentral and more.
      • Fashion / Art-focused publications: ArtNet, Hypebeast, The Art Newspaper, Domus, Cool Hunting,, ArtReview and more.
    • Connect Fingerprints with key influencers, tastemakers in the fashion / art / lifestyle community to drive net-new leads and awareness + revenue
    • Outreach to press prior and after the event to lifestyle / business and art focused publications
    • Surface Magazine Support:
      • Act as liaison between Fingerprints and Surface to encourage and facilitate co-operation and the exchange of information
      • Maximize partnership benefits by working closely with Surface to secure media coverage by increasing reach and marketing visibility and tapping into their audience
    • Why should we do this?
      • This partnership accomplishes all three goals laid out above
      • Helps to structure and gain learning as we build our communications strategy for 2022
    • Requirements:
      • Clearly identify members and artists who can speak on behalf of Fingerprints
    • Cost: $13,500 USD or 2.83 ETH

Fingerprints Dinner

  • Date: Saturday, December 4 8:00pm
  • Fingerprints member Zach F will host members who are in town and other guest for an exclusive networking dinner. Cost we will need to cover are:
    • Merch design and production
    • 3 projectors to display art
    • 1 Oculus for CV Fingerprints experience
    • Dinner and drinks for 25 guests
  • Why should we do this
    • Help us goal #3 networking internally and externally
  • Requirements:
    • Logo for merch
    • Curation team support on how to best display art with projects
  • Cost: 1.5 ETH
Do you agree that we should move forward with the Art Basel 2021 plan and spend a total of 12.5 ETH?
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Thank you @mabot for putting this together! Super excited for the Miami Basel events!

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