Whitelisting Fingerprints DAO members for Art Gobblers NFT project

Hi everyone,

My name’s Dave and I’m on the community team for Art Gobblers. We’re a new NFT collection with some awesome art drawn by Justin Roiland (creator of Rick and Morty) and some interesting smart contract mechanics developed by Paradigm. Our mint is free but private. We’re trying to bring on members that genuinely want to participate in our ecosystem and aren’t just speculative flippers. We believe Fingerprints DAO is aligned with our values and would like to offer the DAO some whitelist spots. Here’s a more detailed description of the project:

I’m more than happy to hop on a call with DAO members to discuss the project more and answer any questions. Or feel free to comment here and I will do my best to reply promptly.


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Hi @serdave , thanks for reaching out to us. We are always open to discuss potential partnerships and collabs.
I’m not representing the DAO, but only my personal opinion here. I don’t know how Fingerprints as an organization could contribute to your project, but our members appreciate blockchain art and maybe you could offer some spots in that project to Figerprints’ members that would like to participate and contribute. What do you think?

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Yeah that sounds great. We really just want people that care about this space and love either collecting art or creating it to join our community, hence why I reached out. We could also offer a spot to the DAO’s treasury if that’s of interest too.

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