Weekly Update Report #11 | July 15-21,2022

Hi everyone, welcome to Fingerprints’ Weekly Update Report, here you can find the latest updates on the DAO. Please help us improve the report with your feedback, ideas and insights.

You can find the full report in Google Docs here.

Recent Announcements

  1. Fingerprints’ Discord Optimization*
    (i) Keeping members-only areas focused on fun and informative stuff; (ii) all working group chats are now read-only to everyone. Members + Fingerprints team are able read + write.
    July 20,2022 (Link)

  2. Phillips auction featuring artists collected by FP
    Auction “Ex-Machina: A History of Generative Art” featured artists 0xDEAFBEEF, Rhea Myers and Harm van den Dorpel alongside such pioneers of generative & computer art as Vera Molnar & Herbert W. Franke.
    Ended on July 20,2022 (Link)

  3. $PRINTS OTC order book
    Use this link to access the orderbook anytime. To add your order in the order book, please DM Glory#5406 or post on the OTC Channel the bid/ask price, volume and swap link.

Ongoing Discussions

  1. Fingerprints Strategic Plan 1.0
    Outlines basic thesis on how Fingerprints intends to generate and capture value. Part of a good strategy is focusing attention and resources to increase leverage and deliver high performance.
    Last post on July 13,2022 (Link)

  2. Organizational Design 3.0
    Discussion on a proposal that updates our org. design, simplifying its structure through the introduction of the Working Groups Framework.
    Last post on July 10,2022 (Link)

Working Groups’ Main Ongoing Initiatives

  1. Governance
    A. Strategic Plan
    B. Organizational Design

  2. Curation
    A. Curation of main collection
    B. Creation of a Community Collection

  3. FP Studio
    A. Blockchain Art projects
    B. Connecting with artists, producers and collectors

  4. Finance
    A. Treasury management
    B. Token liquidity / OTC
    C. Budget and capital allocation
    D. FP’s legal entity

  5. Community
    A. Membership value creation
    B. Events
    C. Merch
    D. Reports

  6. Marketing
    A. Marketing plan
    B. Content creation
    C. Website
    D. CRM