Weekly Update Report #10 | July 08-14,2022

Hi everyone, welcome to Fingerprints’ Weekly Update Report, where you can find the latest updates on the DAO. Please help us improve the report with your feedback, ideas and insights.

You can find the full report in Google Docs here.

Recent Announcements

Brand Positioning Exercise
After gathering inputs from the DAO, the Marketing advisors will start a discussion on the brand positioning strategy in Fingerprints’ Marketing Discord channel.
Discussion to begin in the week of July 18, 2022

$PRINTS OTC order book
Use this link to access the orderbook anytime.
To add your order in the order book, please DM Glory#5406 or post on the OTC Channel the bid/ask price, volume and swap link.

Ongoing Discussions

Fingerprints Strategic Plan 1.0
Outlines basic thesis on how Fingerprints intends to generate and capture value. Part of a good strategy is focusing attention and resources to increase leverage and deliver high performance.
Last post on July 13,2022 (Link)

Organizational Design 3.0
Discussion on a proposal that updates our org. design, simplifying its structure through the introduction of the Working Groups Framework.
Last post on July 10,2022 (Link)

Staff Team Main Ongoing Initiatives


Strategic Plan Proposal
We think it’s very important to have the general vision for Fingerprints in ink, so we can use it as a guide to our daily activities. Current discussion ongoing in our Discourse to be followed by a proposal. (Link)

Organizational Design Update
We’re working on a new organizational design format in which areas will be granted freedom to self-organize and negotiate budgets with the DAO. (Link)

Discourse Forum is Back!
We’ve re-launched our Discourse Forum in a self-hosted server, that way we can organize discussions and engage with less active members. Come join at https://discourse.fingerprintsdao.xyz

Creative Direction

Visual Identity Work (Rebranding) Proposal
Discussion on a proposal to hire the agency
“Other Means” to perform a comprehensive rebranding of Fingerprints.
Last update on June 15,2022 (Link)

Sarah Friend Exhibition at NFT NYC
Refraction/Rhizome presentation taking place of physical installation of ‘Off’ by Sarah Friend. Working with Rhizome on publicity. (https://off.supply/) (Link / RSVP)

FP’s Website v2
Website copy edited, now looking at cosmetic changes to the website to make it on-brand for FP.

FP’s Studio Strategy
The Creative Direction team is preparing a strategy document as part of the Organizational 3.0 re-design. This will outline strategy for projects, in addition to other external activities.

Public Relations Initiatives
Currently evaluating new proposal for work from Azzi - focused on a Brazil remit, with support on editorial work and events in that market. Also fielding additional PR opportunities.

Community & Finance

Brand Positioning Exercise
Working together with the Creative Direction team and a Marketing advisor to develop Fingerprints Marketing strategy with the DAO. (Link)

Membership Tier and Value Creation
How we could structure the value creation for the Fingerprints community. (Link )

Update Reports
To access all Weekly Update reports go to Fingerprints’ Report channel or go to Fingerprints’ Discourse and search for “Weekly Update”.

Budget and Capital Allocation
Discussing curation/acquisitions budget. (Link)

Legal Entity
We’ve been discussing with top legal and auditing firms the most efficient legal entity forms.

Token Liquidity / OTC
Use this link to access the orderbook anytime.
To add your order in the order book, please DM Glory#5406 or post on the OTC Channel the bid/ask price, volume and swap link.

Treasury Management
Execution of swaps (1) 515ETH from Phase 4 Funding Round into ~$1mm (Link ); (2) $65k worth of ETH to USDC to cover the expense for the TodayIn investment (Link) and (3) 563ETH into USD to Ensure 24 months of runway - costs (Link )