Sponsorship for takawo (from generativemasks) 1,000 $PRINTS

There were several discussions on Fingerprints discord server about this topic, please refer these threads:

Profile of takao
He is a founder of generativemasks, and
He is a lecturer of Media Representation at a university in Japan, and is very knowledgeable about generative art and its development.
Generativemasks have been very successful in the NFT world.

Details of the deal
Fingerprints DAO gives him 1,000 $PRINTS from our DAO’s treasury.
Takawo gives his knowledge and algorithms of his artwork to this DAO

I and takawo had several discussions of this sponsorship, and he approved this deal already.

We can accept for joining takawo and can get his algorithm to make good generative artwork projects as DAO’s one.
He can add good reputation and knowledge to our DAO.

I would like to see if you agree with his participation in the DAO and his sponsorship of 1,000 $PRINTS.

  • agree to contribute $1,000 $PRINTS from DAO Treasury for him.

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Yes let’s move with this asap! :slight_smile:

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Hi, for some reason the links to the previous discord discussions aren’t working for me, so I apologise, but I’ve got a couple of points of clarification I’d like to seek.

  1. When you talk of takawo giving their algorithm to the DAO, what is the aim here? Are you hoping the DAO will act as an artist and use this algorithm to mint new works - or are you thinking along some sort of license?
    Indeed - which algorithm are you referring to? The generativemasks one, or another that we haven’t seen the output of?

  2. Or, perhaps I’ve misunderstood and this is a proposal for the algorithm to be a part of the DAOs collection. I.e. an acquisition… In which case I think we’d need a lot more information before being able to make a decision.

I totally agree that Takawo’s knowledge and experience could be of great benefit to the DAO, but I’m not sure I understand the proposed transaction enough to be able to come to an informed opinion.
Thanks, David

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It would be great to have Takawo as a member. I don’t think it needs to be in exchange for any algorithm or artwork. I believe Adrien suggested that we could sponsor his print allocation. I would gladly donate at least 200 $PRINTS towards this.


FingerprintsDAO’s plans for future projects are unclear at this time. However, we will be able to ask takawo to develop new algorithms for future projects.
In other words, rather than receiving an algorithm, you will receive the right to ask takawo to develop an algorithm that can be used in a new project.
For us, this is a better deal than just receiving the source code, because takawo is committed to the project and will do the development for us.

I think what makes people a little nervous about this is whether or not FingerprintsDAO plans to launch a project on generative art in the future.
I don’t want to expand the discussion too much, but when you look at the terms of this deal alone, I think the benefits are greater for the DAO.

Thank you for your suggestion.
I will first see if DAO can fund takawo from Treasury, and if that is not possible, then I will see if sponsorship from DAO members is possible.

@luiz @lucaspon
Is it possible for DAO Treasury to provide 1,000 $PRINTS to takawo?

I would like to know the procedure after this.

Oh I’m all for bringing Takawo into Fingerprints, I think that would be excellent. I was just getting a little muddled on the details/expectation of the transaction suggested.
If folk are willing and able to sponsor his membership then, in my opinion, that is a great thing.

I have no issue with this on my end, so long as Takawo becomes an active member in our DAO. I believe his participation can be more valuable to us than any single algorithm.

Procedure would be to just gather a few more votes in here and then move on with transferring from the multisig vault, which @luiz and @renatoshira can help with.

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To send someone PRINTS it either has to be a DAO vote or a curation committee decision.

I would gladly match @deafbeef in his 200 PRINTS donation to takawo instead of taking it from the treasury.

Also, we have granted membership before to people who could not contribute the full amount (granting access but not extra PRINTS). We could do the same here.

Would love to think of ways we can collaborate on a project with the DAO

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I’m very happy for takawo to become a member. However, I agree that his participation would be more valuable than an algorithm, and I don’t think we should establish a precedent where we trade membership for speculative artistic collaboration. In my view, any PRINTS that Takawo receives should come from other members (however they chose), rather than from the treasury.


Also think ideal would be for members with lots of PRINTS to donate, or to just whitelist him in exchange for active participation.

If he thinks it might be valuable to us and still wishes to share the algorithm after that, great, but should’nt be part of the deal because that’s not what we want most. :slight_smile:

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+1 potentially weird incentive/precedent for a new membership, IMO path of least resistance today is for current members to chip in a sponsorship.

Happy to put in 100 PRINTS, and we’re halfway there.

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Yes this bothers me a bit too; SquiggleDAO is going to present a scholarship program that allows non-token holders to join and contribute. I’ll keep an eye out for how they lay it out, we should perhaps start thinking of something in those lines.

I know people who would love to join but don’t have the capital even for 1k PRINTS, yet these are the very people who’d be super motivated to work given our new compensation model.

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I’m super in on this and will also look at how SquiggleDAO is structuring it

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Sorry for the late reply.

@adrianleb @lucaspon @YeastyDough
Thank you for putting your opinions.
I got understand that the donation from DAO treasury would be bother.
Then I try to gather 1,000 $PRINTS chips from DAO members, and several members already raising hand.

I will continue to collect donations until we have collected 1,000$PRINTS.

I also felt that the scholarship system was a very good initiative. In order to develop this system in the future, let’s separate it from this issue and discuss it as a new topic.

Donation list ( as of today)
@deafbeef : 200 $PRINTS
@luiz : 200 $PRINTS
@adrianleb : 100 $PRINTS
→ 500 $PRINTS

thank you very much for your raising hands!
I will ask DAO members more donation on discord for 500 $PRINTS.

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Love this initiative and happy to donate 100 $PRINTS to the cause!

JackS#6609 (Discord)

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Takawo would be our first venture with him as well as being a member who could give us a better insight into the Japanese sphere of generative art. I think that would be a significant edge over non-Japanese speaking collectors and curators

ty for raising hand!
I add you to the donation list !

Donation list ( as of today)
@deafbeef : 200 $PRINTS
@luiz : 200 $PRINTS
@adrianleb : 100 $PRINTS
@jacksun.eth : 100 $PRINTS
→ 400 $PRINTS required