🍹 Proposal: NFT exhibition + Cocktail reception in Brazil

Link for the temperature check on Discord :link:


Last year FP “physically manifested” in the US (NFT NYC, Art Basel); more recently in Dubai (Art Dubai). We haven’t yet done an event of our own.
This proposal aims to (1) increase awareness and cultural value of our collection, (2) strengthen ties w/ Brazilian stakeholders (crypto/tradart/media worlds) and (3) generate content for our social channels.
Brazil is home to many founding members of the DAO, and offers lower costs than the US.


To host a one-night exhibition of selected FP NFTs + cocktail reception.
In São Paulo, Brazil.
For 50-80 attendees, intimate vibe.
Every Fingerprints member will be granted 2 invites beyond his/her own. Rest of attendees will be key people in the Brazilian market.

Pics from an event I did last year of similar size to this


Between Artblocks’ Marfa event (12/Nov) and Art Basel (4/Dec).
~6PM to ~1AM.


TBD - option 1, option 2, option 3


The cost to Fingerprints will be 14.5 ETH. This shall pay for:

  • Venue rental (4 ETH)
  • Food & drinks (3 ETH)
  • VJ, DJ, decoration & scenography (5 ETH)
  • PR person + Event producer (2 ETH)
  • Photos + videos (0.5 ETH)

Production will be handled by an event producer under my direction. If any unforeseen costs arise, they’ll be covered by me. Paradigma Education (company of which I’m a partner of) shall assist with fiat logistics + contribute personnel, as a production partner.

If ETH dips significantly ($1.3k now), these costs will be adjusted before final Snapshot vote.


The idea is to present visitors with a brief history of crypto-art as they enter the venue, culminating with an assortment of FP NFTs as “stars of this timeline”.
The exhibition will make use of physical media (e.g. framed large-scale printed Glyphs), projections (e.g. Terraforms) and digital media (e.g. screens displaying Avid Lines pieces along with their “origin Glyphs”).
All pieces shall accompany a small museum-like tag/explainer.

Narrative, layout plan & final selection of pieces will be presented in the #curation-committee Discord channel to gather feedback and get a green light before production starts.


A joyful night;
Press coverage of the event (at a minimum in 3 crypto media outlets; hopefully a few tech/art vehicles too);
An edited ~30s clip with highlights of the exhibition;
100-200 pictures;
Small souvenirs for attendees to take home (e.g. Loot-themed napkins, Jims-printed candies).

Please leave feedback below :point_down:

Do you agree that we should move forward with this plan? (Snapshot vote shall follow)

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  • No

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I like the event idea, but I’m not sure the about the cost involved, as the reach is local, not global.

some genuine questions in my mind:

  • can we partner with other communities (like nouns, or other DAOs) to help to fund the event? Is a partnership desired, since it will dilute the fingerprints presence?
  • are paid tickets an option?
  • which long term assets/opportunities can we extract from the event? Can we leverage it with future marketing campaigns, NFT sells, or something like that?