NFT.NYC Party Proposal (Poll Closes 11:59 PM ET on October 20)


NFT.NYC promises to be one of the biggest events in NFTs of the year. DAOs, platforms, collectors and companies will be throwing parties and events in order to engage with their communities and secure their place in the NFT landscape.

In order to create further awareness for Fingerprints and to have a meaningful presence at NFT.NYC, we’re proposing the funding of a joint party with ConsenSys Mesh (one of Fingerprints’ investors on November 1, 2021.


The party will be a joint production between Fingerprints and ConsenSys Mesh with the following details:

  • Date: November 1, 2021
  • Time: 6 PM - 9 PM ET
  • Location: Public Hotel (215 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002)
  • Food & Drinks: Open Bar + Small Plates of Food (probably from here:
  • Total Attendees: 300 attendees including Fingerprints and ConsenSys Mesh members, investors, NFT artists and influencers, and friends.
    • Fingerprints will have at least 120 invites for its members and friends (a link to add email addresses has been shared and will be recirculated so that everyone can attend and invite friends).
  • Art: Our art will be displayed prominently throughout the party. Details TBD
  • Billing: Since ConsenSys Mesh is spending more for the party, their name will be bigger than Fingerprints. We’ve agreed to having it feel roughly 60% ConsenSys Mesh and 40% Fingerprints.
  • Vaccine Status (all attendees will be required to show proof of vaccination (this is standard procedure for parties of this nature in NYC)
  • Swag: Fingerprints can give out swag to attendees. TBD.


  • The cost to Fingerprints is 5 ETH.
    • This will help pay for venue rental, food and drinks, and decoration.
    • ConsenSys Mesh will likely be spending a lot more, so this is a great opportunity to pool our resources and create a better and more impactful party without spending more the Fingerprints treasury.

Poll: Do you agree that we should move forward with this party and spend 5 ETH?

  • Yes
  • No

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Sad I can’t make this party, voted ‘yes’

great initiative, looking forward to this!

the event looks fantastic! any chance to get some PR coverage out of it? just voted in support