New Website Proposal

Hi everyone, I think it’s evident the time has come to upgrade our website past a simple squarespace template.

I’ve came in contact with the good people from (who got pretty excited to have the chance to design our new website), and after a comprehesive discussion with them this is the proposal they’ve came up with for us:

Option 1 — Traditional Method (simple website)

9-week process for design and development of a contemporary website both in aesthetic and functionality. Contemplating the same content-structure (archived in a new content-management system) as the current website.

Option 2 — Decentralized and algorithmic alternating "collection of websites"

Inspired both by the nature of emerging decentralized organizations and by the kind of artwork collected by Fingerprints, Aparelho proposes a website that is an algorithmic collection of layouts based on specific contemporary aesthetics. Those layouts would co-exist and be shown at specific amounts of time based on a voting rank by the members of the DAO.

To simplify a potentially complex process, a few premises are set from the beginning.

  1. Website will have 5 different Designs (Layouts), implemented one by one three weeks after each other. That number can be self contained or ever growing depending on members reaction.

    Each layout can be minted as its own NFT and become part of the DAO’s collection from the get go. (This is inspired by artist Rafaël Rozendaal’s usage of websites as artworks for several years now. This is just a speculation, however.)

  2. Before launch, all 5 designs will be presented to members for voting, ranking them from 1 to 5. These associated numbers will be used to determine how long each version stays visible each day.
    Another set of rules based on Fingerprints Collection will also be set in place to augment the complexity and/or apparent randomness of the rate of availability for each Design.

  3. Launch time is the same as the less complex project, the added complexity being developed at the backstage in the weeks following launch of layout number 1.

  4. An example of different aesthetics that can be sourced for each individual layout can be found in the selection below. (Those are not final and can be further refined before starting). Also important to notice that, whilst those can be good starting points for visual experiments, our designs would be their own, self contained and unique).

    D1. (3d based)
    D2. (text based)
    D4. (heavy coloring and typography)

Process and global premises

While both processes will yield an evolution in Fingerprints’ digital presence with strong aesthetic zeitgeist, the second option sure is a more meaningful commentary on the important evolution happening now in the Art World, Internet/Metaverse and how people organize. It can be viewed as an artwork collection on its own.

For the second method, we contemplate inviting two other design studios to contribute with 2 different layouts, all following the same set of rules and objectives. This is entirely optional.

The second method would also require another 12 weeks, at a 21 weeks total. We are planning to release its first public version, however, in the same 9 weeks of the first process, thus eliminating possible time-based drawbacks.

Both proposals would store content on a customized CMS.


To accomodate for possible 3D/WebGl/Three.js associated costs, the total costs would range from $10,000 (~3.12ETH) for the first method to $25,000 (~7.8ETH) for the second. Payment plan and installments will be detailed in a follow-up proposal and contract.

Please discuss and vote below:

  • Yes! Option 1 (simple website)
  • Yes! Option 2 (complex website with variations and NFTs)
  • No. (please elaborate)

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I really like the idea of a dynamic site that’s always changing plus the possibility of having unique NFT editions of our site. I believe we could be a first here. I support option 2 and excited about it.

Like the second proposal a lot, and think the extra cost is minimal compared to the benefits.

My only concern would be confusion for visitor. Imagine finding Fingerprints the first time, then returning an hour later and it all looks differe. Or even it all changes whilst you’re on the site. That’s going to freak a few people out. Suggested mitigations:
– make sure the changing design is well communicated
– ensure there’s some sort of common thread between the designs (could be colours or general page structure, perhaps) for an element of familiarity


Agree with you. I intend to have recurrent meetings with the studio to keep track of the overall direction and make sure it ends up being not only innovative but also good. Other members can participate too if they like.

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Option 2 is as good as an upsell can be. Really exciting cutting edge project. The concept has amazing potential and I imagine we can make it grow in multiple directions and have it being the central point for FP related materials (be it the series, the podcasts we are discussing in discord, the network of projects supported by the DAO, the other daos incubated inside it, etc). Hard not to be passionate about this!

Option #2. We only live once. Let’s be bold.


Option 2 let’s go big🤙


I think that multiple designs is interesting, as long as there is enough theme to them that it is still recognizably Fingerprints.

I am curious what makes this decentralized. Is the idea to have multiple front ends, or host on something like areweave?

I think he was referring to the fact that the layouts will be chosen via a vote in our DAO.

I voted on #1 just because I think simple is better, but I believe #2 could be interesting if we make it clear that the website changes every time. Most people will visit our website only once, so there should be a mechanism that makes them want to go through the variations.

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The objective can be to make it simple / but varied. To include a solution for presenting the variations in the context of the greater “collection” of sites is a very good idea.