Membership Tiers Discussion

I think this is probably the best way to start - keep it simple and deliver the intended value to the higher tier - and then we can iterate over time and add complexities if needed/desired.

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I think its fine to keep the tiers as is, but how we measure the 1k-5k tier contributions is hard. Coordinape as Lucas has mentioned is an incredible way to quantify the contributions.

The value propositions is a topic that will take a lot of thought. Why would someone join the 5k tier if they can get in on the 1k tier? There should be clear perks to being a 5k member. It use to be that membership to the DAO was simply enough because of the connections and exclusivity.

Through the ‘pass’ or airdropped projects, this is an intriguing idea I believe because it shows clear value going to the members BUT it may not be cost effective and it may also cause dilution of our brand by people who immediately dump. There has to be alternatives to this that are not being considered: IRL events, exclusive panels, think tanks, direct line to angels (FP members), tickets to sister events, allowlists, competitions, are all examples but are becoming trite in a bear market. I will continue to think of things that have worked and things that have not worked in the projects I have experienced.

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