Keeping up with Fingerprints DAO

I believe many DAO members - not only Fingerprints’ - have a hard time to follow everything that is going on in the community. Stay up to date with every single Discord and Discourse message is no easy task and requires time.

It feels that most people give up and that it is one of the reasons they stop engaging in Discord and Discourse. So, how can we make it easier for members and Fingerprints enthusiasts to stay up to date, at least with the more important stuff?

For members that can’t go into Discord and Discourse everyday, but can every other day or so and want to quickly know what’s going on, maybe we could use the public “Announcements” channel to post specific and relevant info such as Votes, Acquisitions, NFT Projects, Social (podcasts, events, etc.). I would only have like 4 categories and an specific post pattern to keep the channel more organized.

For people that only wants spend 10-20 minutes per week, we have just launched the first Weekly Update presentation, you can find it here, please let us know how we can improve it or if there is other better way to do those updates.

For people that only wants spend 20-30 minutes per month, maybe we could do a monthly report with the most relevant announcements, discussions, votes, market info and DAO performance?


I think the best possible solution is, once we launch our new custom website, to have a section for member updates that is properly fed.

That way, those who want updates can just access our website and read that section. No need to pull up discord, discourse or anything.

We could have this be token-gated, but I don’t think it’s necessary for the first version.

This is very easy to deploy.


Nice, I like the idea of having reports/updates in our website as well, but don’t we think we should have important updates posted in an Announcements channel in Discord?

We have that already I think.

Problem is that it’s ineffective to reach tokenholders that dislike discord.

We still don’t have an Announcements channel that’s working like that. Once we have that in place, I agree with you we should also have it in our website.

It would be probably better if we have a post pattern with predetermined topics - Votes, Acquisitions, NFT Projects and Social - and specific info about each topic. We could also use RAW as a reference.

I can start updating the Announcements Channel accordingly and we make necessary changes along the way.