General Governance System Proposal

Hello everyone,

We’ve put together a draft to formalize some basic rules to guide Fingerprints governance and provide clarity and safety for important decisions.

Google docs with the live draft over here:

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Thanks @lucaspon ! Very well-written and straightforward. My only comment is that maybe we should define what a “significant deployment of resources” is.

Nice simple write-up, thanks.

Should probably put some timelines on 2a/2b/2c in the procedure – at least guidelines (appreciating sometimes we may need to rush a vote).

Only thing I don’t like is the supermajority decision. Looking at holders, it appears the top 10 alone could satisfy the 35% criteria (less if it’s meant to be 35% excluding treasury) so this clause effectively gives that group full control. I think it’s just not necessary.


I agree, there are ways to overcome this through. Either through quadratic voting or reputation voting. There are projects that are creating means of non-financial governance through SBTs/Badge-like systems.