Fingerprints Strategic Plan 1.0

Some excellent points here. It reminds me of when I went to SXSW and saw a ton of folks where Doodles merch. I got to have a conversation with one of them. He had on a rainbow vomiting doodle shirt. I asked him when he got in to doodles, etc. He replied he didn’t actually own any doodles but the merch was a great way for him to feel a part of the community at a lower entry point. But on top of that, he was able to experience one of their parties and meet a bunch of cool people who he connected with. He bought a shirt to remember this time and these people.
I have a sweatshirt with the Fingerprints logo and its probably one of my favorites because of the look.


This is exactly what we were expecting when opening up our forum – more participation from the broader community. Really appreciate you posting here @matheus !

This would be a perfect use case for a simple proposal under the new working group structure

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