Exchange Program Proposal

After speaking to several members and drop holders and doing research on adjacent communities, I’d like to propose that we implement an exchange program to allow Fingerprints members to familiarize themselves with other communities and vice versa, providing mutual benefit to both communities while also creating a pipeline of self-selecting individuals that would potentially be interested in becoming Fingerprints members in the long run.

The program would run in a series of cohorts, each two months in length. Each community would have 15 slots for exchange, for a total of 45 members across three communities. If the initial program proves beneficial, we can scale this to a larger number of communities. The numbers above are flexible and can be adjusted as needed.

Exchange program members would enjoy access to members-only communication channels (for example, our Discord), but would not be eligible to vote in DAO matters or receive any potential claims on Studio NFTs. The intent is to allow new individuals to see how the DAO works and enjoy the conversations and discourse within.

Upon completion of the first cohort’s stint, feedback will be gathered from all participants. If assumptions are confirmed, it’s likely to increase the number of DAO members over time, while also improving our relationship with other communities (which will provide new opportunities with regards to events and other forms of collaboration).

Would this be of interest to Fingerprints members? If so, which communities are you all interested in exploring that you think have members that would be interested in exploring (or eventually joining) Fingerprints and would be active in our community and Discord? Feel free to follow up in #members-lounge in the Fingerprints Discord if you’d rather discuss this privately.

If this proposal is agreed upon within Fingerprints, we will reach out to the leaders and moderators of agreed-upon DAOs to propose this. If well-received, we can implement the program.

There will be no additional costs to the DAO if the program is implemented.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or thoughts and we can adjust the process and numbers accordingly.

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Thanks for putting this together @Unit . I think it’s a great idea and would be interested in participating.
I suggest we mix art communities (Pleasr, Flamingo, Grailers, Squiggle, etc.) with broader communities (Moonbirds, Punks, Meebits, Nouns, BAYC, etc.).

I think this is a great idea to increase our reach in a very cheap and fun way, and also to add dynamism to our community!

I would love to be part of the exchange program myself and get to try other communities for a while before deciding to join or not.

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Thank you both for the replies. I’m on the same page regarding both types of communities, as each has something interesting to offer with regards to 1) how they are run 2) differing membership bases and 3) mechanisms they’ve introduced, etc. There’s a lot of room for our members to add value in those communities and vice versa. I will put something together as an introduction for other DAOs (can post it in our Discord in the coming days) and can begin reaching out to other communities to gauge interest.

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Awesome, let’s do it!

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