Curation & Acquisition Committee — New Membership

This is a forum to discuss the proposed expansion of the Curation & Acquisition Committee.

Discussion will be open until 12am EST, Friday September 24.

The Curation & Acquisition Committee is the group that decides on and executes the DAO’s acquisitions. To keep discussions frank and avoid the risk of front-running, it is the only private committee. It is also the only committee whose members are approved via Snapshot vote by the DAO’s members.

The current composition of the committee is listed here:

After a period of deliberation by the current committee, these are the members who have been selected to join:

ddaavvee1234 will not DM you#1234
metaregular | Yunt Capital#9672

These members have been chosen based on a number of factors:

• Previous participation in the DAO’s curatorial discussions
• Demonstrated understanding of the DAO’s curatorial thesis
• Proven ability to identify high quality projects in the smart contract art space
• Experience working in the traditional arts and culture industries

Many members expressed a desire to join during this round, both publicly and privately, and we apologise to anyone who missed out. However, there will be other opportunities to join in the future, and we hope that everybody will continue to suggest acquisitions and curatorial initiatives moving forward.

It is a high priority task for the Committee to establish a suitable channel for DAO members to make such suggestions, and we are committed to considering every one of those suggestions on its merits and with due transparency.


Great! Should we create a Snapshot vote to formalize this change?

Yes, I wanted to give a full week for discussion. Snapshot tomorrow.

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