Collaboration proposal between FingerprintsDAO & Art2act to make the art sector thrive and creating win-win synergies for both communities

Hello, Fingerprints DAO!

We are Art2act and we come to present to you:

The largest collaborative collection in the history of NFTs is coming to Ethereum

Art2act Genesis is an NFT core membership pass for the Art2act ecosystem. Each of the 2250 Genesis NFTs, besides being an artwork from one of the 150 artists from the core community, gives each holder access to an artistic journey across the different artistic visions of the space.

Each holder automatically becomes a core member of the Art2act ecosystem, having access to future perks within the ecosystem and a voice for future developments.

What will you get with this NFT?

  • 12 NFT drops created exclusively for holders.
  • Listed for a raffle of 24 physical artworks
  • $2ACT Token Private Sale Greenlist
  • First and exclusive access to new collections
  • Future opportunities and discounts
  • Core Community Membership

Art2act Achievements

  • Pre-seed Round :white_check_mark:
  • MVP development :white_check_mark:
  • From 2 to 12 team members :white_check_mark:
  • Initial Core Community :white_check_mark:
  • Genesis Collection :ballot_box_with_check:

Mint details

We invite you to reserve your minting spot, join a unique art experience and decide the future of the ecosystem alongside us!

More info is below:

As you will see in our pitch below, we are a web3 platform that aims to create an ecosystem where artists can find solutions that will help them fill the gaps on their way to financial sustainability: through education on business & positioning (business skills don’t match art skills in the majority of cases), having access to infrastructure to build NFT projects easily, to a hybrid (physical & digital) marketplace, and connecting the different stakeholders of the art sector in the same place.

To kick-start our ecosystem, we have created a community of artists (150 from +50 different countries). With all of them, we are launching our Genesis collection of 2250 NFTs to provide a totally different art experience to the NFT Holders, showcasing the diversity and enriching artistic visions of the space. For the long-term, each NFT will also be a master key for different perks within the ecosystem – and this is where it gets even more interesting for several art communities.

We have many art styles and mediums represented in the collection, and because of that we want to establish long-term partnerships with different communities, from different art sectors, from all around the world – and Fingerprints is a unique community in the space, and we feel we could build great things alongside you.

We want Fingerprints to be a Key Community inside the Art2act ecosystem, to have a voice in strategic decisions, and to become a Chapter-House (Key Communities will receive cultural development funds to create projects that bring value to their community). We want to build a path together and give the web3 art ecosystem another jump on its development as you have been doing so well.

Last, but not least, thanks to Lapsus.eth for giving us the opportunity to showcase our life mission and our daily motivations with you all.

Let’s build a new art sector together.


Thanks for posting. I don’t really understood what’s been proposed/discussed here. Can you elaborate more?


You are welcome, our pleasure.

Of course, so, Key Communities have access to special perks inside the art2act ecosystem (check the a2a ecosystem here: One of those is that they will be able to apply to receive cultural development funds to create projects for their community.
Our goal is to work with people/institutions/DAOs that we feel aligned with, to keep building solutions that web3 art stakeholders (artists, collectors, institutions, etc) can use and that web2 people can adopt.
We feel that collaborating with other web3 natives/players can go a long way to accomplish this.
Also, check this link to see the art2act Genesis Collection details:

Genesis Collection Proposal -