Allowing Members ETH addresses for editing DEAFBEEF programmable tokens

I’m formalizing here a request made in Discord …

Pitch : allow members to request “only preview” editing on FINGERPRINTS programmable DEAFBEEF token such as glitchbox and advection.

By editing the parameters , one can produce many variations/outputs of a token
each output can be exported as a .mp4

Goal :

  • showcase DEAFBEEF tokens possibilities
  • engage members
  • produce art !!
  • have fun
  • tweaking contests on DIscord or Twitter

Risks :

  • empty imho

Needs :

  • the “owner” address ( don’t know how it works with multisig … ) should connect via Deafbeef’s site and allow requesting add via a tx
  • time to tweak !

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Technical solution proposed by DeafBeef :
allow preview functionality for any address holding PRINTS
This would be perfect !!

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