A percentage of FindingDodo NFT's for a bulk mint from Fingerprints DAO

Greetings Fingerprints Dao members!

I hope you are having a great day!

I just wanted to submit a proposal as I work with FindingDodoNFTs which is a (almost) sold out exciting featured launch NFT collection of the WORLD’S FIRST and most distinctive marketplace with 100% utility.

The primary objective is to channel Web3.0’s power of utility in the form of an NFT ecosystem.

Using decentralized protocols that plug into popular blockchain projects, we ensure collectors not just earn PASSIVE, but also ACTIVE INCOME, on a continuous basis!


Thanks to our community, We’ve almost fully sold out our initial mint of 1k NFTs and we’d like to offer a percentage of NFTs from our treasury in exchange for a bulk mint of our project as we gear up for the public sale in a week’s time.

As we have 100% NFT utility in terms of Passive and Active income we believe our project would definitely outlast most.

A longer term Earnings utility is the key highlight/benefits of our project apart from other noteworthy rewards for the holders (detailed on the site roadmap)

-Earnings utility: Growth share of the upcoming collections, share from the platform revenues as well as transaction share from your NFTs in the chain that’s built into the smart contract. In other words, when/if you sell your NFT at just 10% profit, your end margin is 43% after a few transactions OR if you hold, your profit will keep increasing as the transactions on marketplace/ upcoming collections continue…

-Holding superspecies NFT will serve as an access card to our launchpad, securing you whitelist spots for the hottest NFT projects in the space.

-Exclusive giveaways (I) Oculus VR headsets, (II) Original ‘Dodo’ painting by Steven Kenny worth 10 ETH, (III) ) ‘Real’ once-in-lifetime trip to meet the endangered species, if you receive the special ‘Last of the DODO’ NFTs via airdrop.

-Exclusive invite to our Alpha group which focuses on what whales will do next.

All this just from our Phase 1 and we’ve got alot more in store, this and more can be seen on the project site- https://findingdodonft.com/

Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/finding-dodo-official-collection

It would be great to have you with us as we go ahead with public sale soon, meanwhile if you have any other questions, thoughts, asks, please feel free to let me know.


Hi @IseKai, thanks for reaching out. You can shoot me a DM in Discord, my user ID is Klamt.eth#3962.